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Solder Seal Gunk M2713 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak STP 66046 Power Steering and Stop Leak Honeywell AS-262 Power Steering Fluid
Stops leaks, revitalizes old seals, prevents wear, foam and oxidation. In a plastic bottle. Formulated to stop or reduce fluid loss caused by seals which leak due to wear or shrinkage (not for use with broken or scored seals). One treatment helps stop most wear and shrinkage. Can be used instead of regular power steering fluid as preventive maintenance. Compatible with all approved power steering fluids. Helps protect against wear and pump breakdown. One treatment stops or reduces most fluid loss caused by leaky seals. Conditioners revitalize dried, shrunken, and hardened seals. Mixes with all approved power steering fluid and should be used for preventative maintenance. Meets requirements for GM, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, and most foreign cars.
Solder Seal Gunk Steer Seal M1712 Power Steering Sealer Solder Seal Gunk M2732 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak Lucas Oil 10008 Power Steering Stop Leak
Rejuvenates seals, for most domestic and foreign vehicles, for aging systems. 2 oz treats unit. In a plastic bottle. Non-corrosive top off fluid designed for vehicles requiring non synthetic fluid to keep power steering fluids at proper levels. Helps prevent leaks by protecting seals and hoses. Formulated with detergent additives and anti-foaming agents. Intermixes with factory fluids, making steering easier and smoother. In a plastic bottle. Stops leaks in power steering unit seals. Reduces slack, squeals and hard spots in worn rack and pinions.
Lucas Oil 10011 Power Steering Stop Leak Coastal 22243 Coastal Power Steering Fluid Prestone AS-260 Power Steering Fluid
Stops leaks in power steering unit seals. Reduces slack, squeals and hard spots in worn rack and pinions. Formulated with quality virgin base oils and a superior additive package designed to inhibit rust and corrosion, provide antiwear protection, resist oxidation and suppress foaming. Formulated for use in GM, Ford, Chrysler, and most foreign cars and light trucks. Protects against pump breakdown caused by wear, oxidation, and foaming. Pours at sub-zero temps to help assure cold weather protection.