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Stanley THREADTAPE Thread Sealant Tape Plews 21-557 Drain Cock Mintcraft FDQ910 Inflation Kit
Stanley Thread Sealant Tape Plews Drain Cock, 1/4 in NPT, Brass, Used in Low Pressure Application Includes: inflation adapter, tapered inflation nozzle, inflation needle, tire nozzle.
Stanley 3WAY-RND 3-Way Round Air Line Manifold Tru-Flate 41-125 3-Way 3-in-1 Air Line Manifold Tru-Flate 21-707 Safety Valve
Stanley Air Line Manifold, 3-Way, Round, 1/4 in Thread, 3/8 in MPT, Aluminum Tru-Flate Air Line Manifold, 3-Way, 3-in-1, 1/4 in NPT, Used on Air Hose End or as Permanently Fixed Bench Outlet Tru-Flate Safety Valve, 1/4 in, 125 psi, Brass, ASME Specified
Tru-Flate 24-801 Air Line Pressure Gauge Plews 41-135 Air Line Regulator with Gauge Plews/Edelmann 41-101 Air Tool Oilers
Tru-Flate Air Line Pressure Gauge, 1/8 in NPT, 0 - 200 psi, Includes: (1) Mounting Back Plews Air Line Regulator, Includes: (1) Gauge, For Paint Spray Guns or other Pneumatic Tools Plews In-Line Oiler, Suitable For Use With: All 3/8 in and 1/2 in Air Impact Guns, Air Wrenches, Body Shop Air Tools and Pneumatic Hammers, 1/4 in FNPT Inlet X 1/4 in MNPT Outlet, 115 psi
Bostitch BTFP72326 Mini Regulator and Gauge Kit Tru-Flate 24-343 Manual Mini Air Line Filter Sta-Lube SL22133 Air Compressor Oil
Bostitch Regulator and Gauge Kit, Mini, 1/4 in FNPT, 15 gpm, 0 - 160 psi Tru-Flate Air Line Filter, Manual, Mini, 1/4 in FNPT, -10 to 175 deg F, 20 scfm, 3.7 in Height, 1 oz, 5 micron, Polycarbonate Sta-Lube Air Compressor Oil, 1 gal, 0.91 Specific Gravity, -10 TO 350 deg F, Plastic, Clear, 30 W Grade SAE, For Portable and Stationary Rotary Screw, Rotary Vane Compressors, Single and Multi-Stage Reciprocating Compressors
Stanley Industrial Air Compressor Regulator with Gauge Tru-Flate 24-444 Mini Air Line Regulator with Pressure Gauge REGULATR TOOL AT-HAND INLN AIR
Stanley Air Compressor Regulator, Industrial, 1/4 in NPTF, Includes: (1) Gauge Tru-Flate Air Line Regulator, Mini, 1/4 in NPTF, 13 scfm, 2.9 in Height, Includes: (1) Pressure Gauge
Tru-Flate 41-175 Air Compressor Accessory Kit Tru-Flate 41-907 Air Tank Conversion Kit Tru-Flate 24-301 Manual Compact Air Line Filter
Tru-Flate Air Compressor Accessory Kit, 19 Pieces, Includes: (1) Couplers/Plugs, (1) Air Line Chuck, (1) Tire Gauge, (1) To Check Air Pressure, (1) Drying and Clearing, (1) Ball and Tapered Inflator Nozzles Tru-Flate Air Tank Conversion Kit, Includes: (1) Chuck, (1) 4 ft Air Hose, (1) Pressure Gauge, (1) Manifold with Safety and Tank Valve Tru-Flate Air Line Filter, Manual, Compact, 1/4 in NPTF, 6.1 in Height, 5 oz Bowl, Polycarbonate
Tru-Flate 24-311 Manual Air Line Filter Tru-Flate 24-404 Compact Air Line Regulator with Pressure Gauge Stanley PRECOMOIL-32OZ Pneumatic Tool Lubricant
Filtration removes airborne solid contaminants which may cause wear or failure of pneumatic components. All filters are complete with filter element and either manual or automatic drains. Maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI at 125 degrees F with polycarbonate bowl. Bowl capacity 5 ounces. Tru-Flate Air Line Regulator, Compact, 1/4 in NPTF, 6.4 in Height, Polycarbonate, Includes: (1) Pressure Gauge Stanley Pneumatic Tool Lubricant, 32 oz
Tru-Flate 24-414 Compact Air Line Regulator with Pressure Gauge
Tru-Flate Air Line Regulator, Compact, 3/8 in NPTF, 6.4 in Height, Polycarbonate, Includes: (1) Pressure Gauge